The gift of relaxation

Spa voucher at the Anna Spa

Choose one or more treatments and give the gift of blissful moments of relaxation at the Anna Spa. Pure well-being for a loved one. Wrapped in a cosy package or by e-mail and of course with a personal dedication.

Kerala - pure harmony

Used for tension and fatigue, has a stimulating and vitalising effect on the metabolism. A benefit for body, mind and soul.

Small lifting "Skinjexion"

Intensive facial treatment with immediate effect thanks to vibrations and the use of the micro-needling roller. Activates the self-renewal mechanisms of the skin, the new production of collagen and elastin fibres. Active ingredients penetrate deeper into the skin via micro-channels. Visibly improves skin texture, rejuvenates the skin, reduces wrinkles and scars. The skin becomes noticeably denser, firmer and lastingly tighter.

Foot massage

Regenerates, cleanses, invigorates and protects against inflammation. Dissolves energy and emotional blockages, regulates the lymphatic system and ensures velvety soft skin. Foot bath with chakra stones and refreshing lemongrass, gel pack. Soothing, deep-acting massage with precious essential oils.

Beauty-Flash "Freshness" for the face

Deep relaxation massage with precious plant oils, mask, care.

Shiro Abhyanga - Head, neck and back massage

Stress, tension, standing for a long time or working for a long time in a seated position tense the muscles. This massage with warm sesame oil creates an energetic balance of all chakras.

To Start

Sea salt peeling, pedicure with polish, beauty flash, eyebrow and eyelash tinting

Love Your Age

Leg massage, intensive cosmetic treatment, pedicure with varnish

ANNA CARE Eau Thermale

Face and body treatment


Calming bath, Kerala


Anti-stress bath, draining full body massage, foot massage

You Are The Best

Power eyebrow & eyelash lift, intensive cosmetic treatment

Mommy To Be

Shiro Abhyanga, Beinmassage, Pediküre mit Lack, Beauty Flash

Wine Time

Wine marc peeling, Vinum magic

Vitality Man

Sportmassage, Gentleman Like, Pediküre

Body nature „ANNA CARE Eau Thermale“

Regenerating full body peeling with healing earth and citrus fruits, firming massage with lime, white grapefruit, vanilla. The skin becomes more receptive and soft to the touch.

Cosmetics Nature „ANNA CARE Eau Thermale“

Gommage, eyebrow correction, deep relaxation massage with precious plant oils, mask, care. Has an anti-inflammatory and regenerating effect.

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